Sunday, November 18, 2007

No Complaints

Training went pretty well this week in my Kruger Dreamcatcher. I got in a 12 mile paddle Friday night (brr). Lyman showed up to join me, and I silently groaned a bit upon seeing him; he's such a fast paddler. He had his Feathercraft K1 with him, preferring the more stable of his boats this night since he also had his brand new wing paddle to play with. I groaned again. Actually it was a great paddle, and I really enjoyed the company. He probably pushed the pace a bit more than I would have alone, but that was a very good thing. I'm hoping he comes out often on these Friday night paddles.

I returned to the lake Sunday morning and got in 8 miles before joining up with the Meetups groups 8 mile afternoon paddle. Lyman showed up again, and so did John March (one of my 2003 Newfoundland expedition paddling partners), who I just don't get to paddle with enough these days. The more regular Meetup paddlers, who are now all becoming great paddling partners, Heidi, Camille, Trisha, Dan, Chris, and Dave were all there too, as well as Donna, a friend of Dave's whose just getting bit by the paddling bug. It was a beautiful sunny warm day, in the 60's, and still with great fall colors along the shore.

This meetup paddling group has been a great find for me. Very active, and very social, and they love weekend paddling/camping trips. We've even started a small skin-on-frame building group that will meet in a couple weeks.

This week I also managed two 4 mile trail runs, and 2 weight training sessions. Another business trip earlier in the week to Maryland put a crimp in my swimming plans, and the cold weather kept me off the bike. Next week I'll need to sign up for a regular spin class, and work on how to better schedule 2 swim sessions per week.

Alan was home for their weekend sailboat building with Paul. Saturday morning they took off for their weekly trip to Lowes Home Improvement, and I suggested they make a list of all the materials they needed and just do one big trip. They both looked at me like I was crazy, "What, and miss going to Lowes every weekend". What was I thinking :)

We were lucky to see Tana for a few minutes too. She and some school friends from Boone had driven down for a concert Saturday night, and stopped in for a quick hello.

Life is good, no complaints.


Michael said...

Wow! Did I read that right? A skin-on-frame building group? That's wonderful news. Everything else you've been doing sounds fun as well. Lucky you!

Capt'n "O" Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

I managed two bottles of wine, order of nachos and a nap... No complaints!! :-)

You have a great grooup of regular paddlers... very cool