Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Vacation to Hell Update

Unfortunately it's not my vacation :(

You might remember an earlier posting in October about Immersion Research's 2nd annual IR Vacation to Hell contest. This year's trip, a 300 mile sea kayaking expedition, starting at Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic, paddling northward to Devon Island, then ending on Ellesmere Island. Included is a 60 mile open water crossing, a 45 mile over-land crossing, finishing with a 45 mile open water crossing.
The trip was won by Team Sweetwater, and they have set up a blog to follow their preparation and challenge, it's a great read, postings have included: "Why should we be the ones to go" and "Personalities and planning".

This will be really interesting following their training and planning, with the team being in four different cities and three different time zones, (one of which is 6 hours ahead). They are already dealing with logistical issues.

Another posting; "Devon Island a small obstacle" talks about how to get 4 fully loaded sea kayaks across 50 miles of barren land where some sections are covered with ice, water, or rocks that can make even walking difficult. Remember, it's a Vacation-to-Hell.

To see the progress for this crazy and challenging expedition, see their blog at

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