Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Adventurous Minds Think Alike

KiwiBird and SandyBottom during 2007 WaterTribe Everglades Challenge

I got the same email as KiwiBird about the new Yukon 1000 race, and was already talking to Paul and trying to figure out how to make it happen when I got an email from her asking if I was interested. I'm more then interested, I'm in. See KiwiBirds posting "2009 Yukon 1000".

I've had my eye on the Yukon River Quest for years, and was quite pleased when they opened up a Kruger division last year, (older post 7/1/2006) though I'd not been able to work out the logistics of getting there with my Kruger Dreamcatcher. The trip up there would have been longer than the actual YRQ distance.

This new race would be worth working out all the details. And I've already suggested to KiwiBird that we team up for the 2009 EC as a shakedown training race. This in hopes that FlysWithKiwiBird will allow both races :)

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Noel said...

For what little this is worth:

I don't remember who, what, when, why, or how much. But I do remember someone helping ship Carter (XLXS)'s boat back to him or to Texas or something after the race. It was in Tampa and he was very thankful for whoever did it for him. As I said I barely remember it, but it involved packing it up and taking it to somewhere to ship it.

This is probably not that much help but perhaps you could ship your kruger the same way.