Monday, March 10, 2008

Home Safe and Sound

We arrived home safe and sound. It felt a little like we were still in the Challenge, after dropping Alan off at school in Raleigh; we walked in the door at bit after 2 am. Luckily our navigation was right on during the race, but not quite perfect on the way home, as we missed an exit off the turnpike.

There are lots of stories to tell over the next week, though some rest and recuperation is necessary first. The relentless headwinds made this a really hard challenge for me (and for most of the participants). It was a sailor’s race (Class 4), and the sailors all seemed to come through pretty quickly, that is if there craft survived. The paddlers and paddlers with sails had a very different race. Though every year’s challenge has a day or days that are particularly hard, I would have to say that of my five EC’s this year was the hardest overall, a hard won battle each day after the 1st.

Physically I’m a bit beat up. My fingers and hands are still quite swollen, lots of calluses and blisters under calluses, and my fingers are a mess with torn cuticles (next year I’ll start with a manicure). My back and butt is covered with a heat rash and some sores likely from sitting in the salt water as it was a very wet challenge (luckily I’ve not suffered any chafing). I’ve some sores on my lips and I’m covered with mosquito and no-see-um bites. And darn, I’ve got my usual numb toes again.

Mentally I’m drained and tired, and still a bit confused. Sitting on the couch, I still feel a wind on my face, and howling in my ears. Yet as always, it was a great adventure, and even now, I’m thinking and planning next years challenge :)

A special thanks to Mike for his excellent updates and reporting of events on Alan’s blog. And for being there by the phone for my phone calls (even the very late ones).

Today is clean-up day. We’ll clean and wash all our gear and boats (yuck). Tomorrow it’s back to work and life’s more normal routines.

Over the next week(s), I’ll write up some stories about my adventures, and start to switch my mental focus towards my Ironman training which now starts to slowly begin.


Michael said...

Good to know you're home safe and sound! That you're already planning for 2009 means even a tough race is a fun race, so good for you! I'm looking forward to reading your stories in the week(s) to come! Congratulations!

AkitasNKayaks said...

Way to go, Dawn. And an especially huge congratulations to Alan, Paul, and you for building the Dawn Patrol, launching it on its maiden voyage in the EC2008, and finishing!!! WOW! Y'all are fantastic planners/builders/racers!


mirage19 said...

You the Family. You must all be very proud of each other, too cool for words... I see a movie project

I hope to one day join ya'll, seriously.


Dee said...

Congratulations Dawn. Glad you're safe.