Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lots of Great Stories

ManitouCruiser, DancesWithSandyBottom, SuperBoo, SandyBottom, and CaptnOfTheODark30, (left to right) on the beach at Ft. DeSoto ready for the Challenge.

There are lots of great stories and photo's coming out about the 2008 Everglades Challenge. Everyone's challenge is unique to them, and reading the various reports gives one a great feel and the 'big picture' of the event. I'll continue to write up my stories every few days or so.

In the meantime:
  • Make sure you are checking KiwiBirds blog, she's already reported on her Day 1 through Day 4 experiences.

  • RidgeRunner (Doug Cameron) wrote up a great report from a Class 4 participant on the Messing-About forum here.

  • There are various reports and links to photo albums gleamed from the WaterTribe Discussion Forum, for example SaltyFrog's (Marty) account of his problems are here, ThereAndBackAgain reported here.

  • SOS (Alan) has promised some eventual reports on his blog.

  • And I can't wait to hear Boo's stories on her blog or the Capt'n reminiscing on his blog.

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