Friday, April 11, 2008

First Things First

I've got the Louisville Ironman Triathlon scheduled in late August. Now I've got to get serious about training. Alan (also in this race) came over Sunday afternoon, the weather, and other chores and errands had us doing a long trainer workout rather than riding outside.

Perfect training each week for a triathlete racer would look something like the following (note: I've also added my weekly paddling, I refuse to give this up completely):

I'll never meet these standards, it's exhausting just looking at it, and it's even missing yoga and stretching.

Instead, I've decided to approach this race less like a triathlete, and more like it's an adventure and challenge, looking to finish, and hoping to enjoy the process. I understand challenge, and believe I know what will be needed to be successful. It'll still be a lot of work.

Biking will be the critical piece for me in finishing. It's moderately hilly around here, and hopefully similar to the bike course in Louisville. Usually I just do whatever it takes to just get up the hills without rolling backwards, then I relax and coast down catching my breath. This morning, I biked one of my regular 15 mile loops, but told myself to do the uphills slow, comfortably, and in as low a gear as I wanted, as long as I worked it on the downhills, no coasting. I finished with an average speed that was 1.5 mph faster. That helps. Now if I can do that for 112 miles, this just might work.


Capt'n "O" Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

Thumbs up Dawn...thumbs up!

Kristen said...

You go, girl... the Yukon beckons!