Monday, June 02, 2008

Aqua - Bike

Yesterday was the Kerr Lake Olympic distance triathlon. Alan and I had registered for it awhile back for training. Neither of us have done much training this past month, Alan's just spent a month sailing, and I'd mostly been pouting over my knees.

I'd planned on just being a no-show. Alan called me Saturday morning to say he was going, and I offered to drive down with him, to cheer him on. I checked the website and found this was one of those triathlons with the new Aqua-Bike division, created to help out athletes with running injuries or who can no longer run. Perfect, I won't be doing the Ironman, but I'm still swimming and biking.

So we both competed, and cheered each other on. And, both of us did better than expected. Results haven't been posted, but it was my fastest bike ride to-date even with the strong headwinds, and the swim just felt great.

Next weekend it's all about kayaking at the Southern Outer Banks Sea Kayaking Symposium down at Barrier Island Kayaks, though I'm still crossing my fingers on this, haven't worked out the days off from work yet.


Capt'n "O" Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

adapt overcome and persevere... nice effort!!

Peggy said...

Fun blog to read! Hope you make it to the Outer Banks symposium.

triblog carol said...

Congrats on your Kerr Lake finish. Sorry to hear your injuries squashing your ironman dreams. Hope they give refunds for those - yikes!

My Jordan Lake swim group got kicked out of our cove by the Park Rangers. Have you come across any other swim coves out there in your Kayaking adventures? We'd been swimming in the Fishing area off Big Woods road.

Adam said...

Congrats Dawn! Any chance of an Aqua-bike in Louisville??