Monday, June 23, 2008

Balancing the Weekend

Life is about balance. For me, balance on the weekends is in finding time to fit in all the various sports and activities I enjoy, and now that includes sailing with Paul, in the sailboat he and Alan built last winter. I gave up house keeping years ago.

This makes for some busy and active weekends. Saturday morning I met up with friends for a group bike ride (35 miles), than spent the afternoon sailing on the lake in our friend Ken’s Core Sound 17, with Ken and Paul. Sunday morning I managed a solo distance paddle (12 miles), then more sailing with Ken and Paul again, this time in our Core Sound 20. Joining us on the lake was Pat and his daughter Brianna in their home-built lug rigged sail boat.

See slide show of some happy sailors here.

Mid-day Sunday, while waiting for Paul at the end of my paddle, I found friend Camille working on her paddling skills in the shallows waters at the takeout, together we spent an hour or so continuing that work on balancing, high braces and low brace sculling. I even managed some nice balanced braces (without the flotation of a drysuit :)


Capt'n "O" Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

the only problem i see is you didn't have a cocktail in your hand... but your new to sailing... :-)

Michael said...

Perhaps it's one of the trickier problems encountered when switching from paddling to sailing so quickly. Paddling with a cocktail in hand is not commonly practiced and one needs to go through a period of adjustment when moving into the sailing world...