Thursday, July 03, 2008

Busy Holiday Weekend

I've got lots going on this holiday weekend.

First I'm off to Barrier Island Kayaks early Friday to pick up a new NDK Explorer, this so I can eventually retro fit the new Kari-Tec skeg/rudder. And I'll spend the day playing in the ocean.

Then on Sunday I'm attending the Carolina Sailing Clubs Women on the Water Training Series, the class is going to cover all the sailing basics.

And the best of all, I've finished sewing the bow and stern of my skin-on-frame, including finishing the ends. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Hope to find some time this weekend to start sewing in the cockpit.

Happy 4th!

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Michael said...

Great job, Dawn! Given the weight of the material, I'm very impressed with how neatly you've been able to finish off the ends. Having done it several times now, each time differently, I've not been able to finish off as well!

Now, cockpit, paint and paddle! The Explorer can wait... ;-)