Sunday, July 06, 2008

Yes a Very Busy Weekend

My new NDK Explorer taking a rest on the beach in Swansboro.

Saturday's weather didn't pan out for sailing, so I worked on my skin-on-frame. The cockpit is in, just need to finish up the inside edge this week. I've decided to paint it a dark brown, and will start painting next weekend. I'm still trying to decide on how to put a flange on the cockpit (rope?) and some art work.

I also worked on outfitting my Explorer, needing to tie down the hatches, and add some thigh and knee padding. It desperately needs a compass to spiff it up. Then I had a great idea to decorate it. The color is quill on quill, a very light grey, with red accents. When sitting in it, it looks plain white, and needed something. So I played around and came up with this idea, some strips and circles. I really like it. I'm going to order some decals to make it permanent, and likely name the boat "Dots'.

Sunday was about sailing. I participated in a sailing class for women hosted by our local sail club. Morning was classroom work, then there was a training regatta in the afternoon, where club members volunteered their sailboats and themselves as crew. Those in the class were the skippers. There were about 10 various boats in all, Thistles, Flying Scots, Buccaneers, 505's, Lazers, an Isotope Cat, a Catalina 17 (my boat for the day), and a Core Sound 20 (guess who's). Quite a bit of fun, and I learned alot. It's amazing (and a bit scary) how all these boats move around all trying to stay on the same start line before the race start.
It was a very busy weekend.


Michael said...

The boats, both of them, look great! I've just been playing about with my cockpit coaming as well. I glued on another flange below the one that's already there and then removed the upper one, lowering the coaming about 1/2 an inch in the process. All this to make laybacks a bit more comfortable. I also made the rear edge slope into the cockpit, again for comfort's sake.
I like the rope idea, but have never tried it, so can't give any advice on how it's done.

Michael said...

Awesome boats!