Thursday, July 31, 2008

Needing a Plan

This past week and a half I've been down with a bad summer cold. But I must be starting to feel a little better now as I'm feeling the need for a plan.

When my dreams of doing the Louisville Ironman became a disappointment, I kinda let things go a bit. It was easy to do since my injury set me back from other activities and plans as well. Then as I started recovering, other interruptions in life, not to mention gas prices, made other plans and goals less feasible. I find myself back at square one, reassessing, wanting a plan and needing a goal.

I'm still in OK shape, but not anywhere near where I had hoped to be, and a long way to go from where I plan to be next March and July. Without having been able to do regular aerobic work, I've concentrated the last couple of months on core and weight training. I have been doing short bike rides to work (getting greener) and some fairly regular but not very serious paddles. I'll keep all this up, but with knees feeling better, I'm ready to start being much more active.

Need a plan! I've had to scratch a few of my 2008 goals/plans. The Blackburn didn't happen, couldn't afford to make the trip. The tri's are obviously out, and I haven't been riding enough and don't think my knees are ready for a century or even the MS150.

What I really want/need to do is paddle!

There are still 3 possible paddling events; the Lumber River 40 in North Carolina is probably a bit too soon in early September, then there is the Suwanee River Race 10/11 in Florida, and the Mayor's Cup Race 10/19 in New York. These are pretty big events, races with big miles. I'm not sure I can actually make any of these happen, but they are a possible plan, that would have me training and paddling.

I'd also really like to find some regular paddling partners. It seems that the old crowd has kind of disbanded over the last couple of years, and I had spent most of my time solo with my Kruger Dreamcatcher, with either single blade or sail. There were always a few of us ready for some serious weekly 20 milers (all year round). I'm hoping I can round some of that group up again.

There are certainly many more paddlers around these days than ever before and I am a member of a few local groups. Though many include paddlers seriously working on building skill and endurance, their primary focus is generally social paddles. There's nothing wrong with that, and I enjoy paddling with these groups, but few members are interested in the distances and endurance work I enjoy, or can commit the time.

Any one out there want to paddle?


craigcanoer said...

I am trying to get up to 20 miles.
I would love to do some paddling with you, I may not keep up with you, but I would like to try.


Michael said...

There's a possibility I'll be heading down your way in the fall. We'll go for a good hard paddle if I do!

AkitasNKayaks said...
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AkitasNKayaks said...

Did you see the Falls Lake Kayaking Marathon on KFM in September? I need to get in shape for that, so let me know when you want to paddle.

greg knipe said...

sandybottom. my name is
i'm sure you are very busy, but if you have time-
i am a bit desperate for info on an inuit paddle for my dream catcher. i'm battling rotator cuff stuff and would like to get one made as an alt. stroke pattern. can you point me to a person for sizing? i have an extra depth hull. i recall some years back you went this route, but not sure if it was for one of your sea kayaks.

Capt'n "O" Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

Can you shake the trees and get kiwibird to paddle with you?