Saturday, November 01, 2008

It's That Time of Year Again

I spent much of today paddling on the lake. Got out there a little later than usual. Woke up to 38F but forecasts were for 70F later in the afternoon, so I opted for the warmth. It was a great 10 mile solo fitness paddle. I don't know if we are at peak fall colors yet, but it sure was beautiful.

November always starts my WaterTribe training, where I need to start building some base for distance. This year is no different than previous ones, though planning to paddle the 300 miles in Class 1 (canoe and kayak), I'll probably need to be a bit more diligent in following my training plan.

Basic Training Plan:

  • Regular 15 mile Fri night paddles
  • Regular Sunday paddles building from 15-35 miles
  • Back to Back Sat/Sun 20-30 mile paddles in February with loaded boat
  • Weight Training/Core workouts/Yoga for flexibility
  • Regular Running, Biking, Swimming for cardio workouts
  • Weight Watchers for weight control

My training goals are to have a comfortable and injury free Everglades Challenge performed in “challenger mode”. After that, there will be a few weeks rest, then I’ll really pick it up with KiwiBird for our Yukon 1000 race in July. We’ll be paddling that one in “race mode”.

As I was packing up, Mimi arrived for a paddle in her new SOF. She's just back from the Delmarva Paddlers Retreat where she took a week long workshop with Brian Schulz of Cape Falcon Kayaks. She made the F1 model, it was quite beautiful.

I'm going to buy the paint for my canvas covered SOF this week!


Capt'n O Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

ah ramping up... the challenges the personal goals... could it get any better...

Michael said...

We all should have gone to Delmarva! What were we thinking?!?! ;-)