Monday, January 12, 2009

It's All Good

So off to the Lake I went, as I was already packed for 3-4 days of kayaking and camping. What a wonderful time it turned out to be. I camped at Parkers Creek Campground at Jordan Lake, pretty much had it all to myself.

I paddled each day, all day, and then every evening Paul came and visited, brought dinner and desert, and we enjoy a few hours over a campfire, and an almost full moon, before he'd return home (only 30 minutes away). And, since I had an electric site, he also brought me a small electric heater for my tent. I was toasty and comfortable.

Paddling was great. It doesn't get any better, in a kayak and on the water.
There was lots of wind to work on my sailing skills with the Explorer and Pacific Action Sail (PAS). There is always a bit of a debate on the WaterTribe forum about rudders and sails. Clearly having a rudder would make it easier, and especially when trying to get a bit up into the wind. But it's certainly not required, and didn't take me too long to work the skeg to hold a compass course.

I've got another chance to try and hit the salt water in a couple of weeks with the Martin Luther King holiday coming up. So I'll just plan another little adventure.


Michael said...

Electric heater in the tent? Where's Paul when I'm out camping? LOL

Capt'n O Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

nice pics... glad you got out there Dawn...