Thursday, April 30, 2009

Current Favorites

Sometimes it's all the interesting blogs I like to regularly read that gets in the way of posting on my own blog. This week my favorites:

KiwiBirds Adventures, she’s just posted a report of the scouting trip we did last weekend at the coast for the WaterTribe North Carolina Challenge. Her reports are always fun to read. We had such a great time, and it was a beautiful route. I'll post some tidbits here and there about the trip, but she always seems to remember much more detail than I. Hmmm, is it the distance, or maybe just the age difference :)

The Skeeter Beater 126, a Sailing Adventure blog. As I begin to learn to sail our Core Sound sailboat ‘the Dawn Patrol, I’ve really started enjoying this blog. It derives from two friends who are planning (this summer) a sailing adventure on a home built sailboat; a John Welsford designed Pathfinder.

The very regular postings include a bit of everything related to sailing adventures. Their upcoming trip, and many of their previous trips have been in many of the local NC coastal waters that I’ve also paddled and now hope to sail in as well. His photographs are beautiful, and his stories always interesting.

Photo below from Skeeter Beater Blogs 3/26 posting titled Core Sound, (a nice example of his incredible photography).

And my absolute favorite, the newly launched Eye of the World blog. This blog comes from a group of four sailors, explorers, adventurers, and students from different backgrounds; different life experiences; different interests; who have come together for one common cause: to bring the world to the schoolchildren of America.

They begin their 3-year around the world sailing expedition and traveling classroom in November. Our son Alan is one of the adventurers.

These (very soon-to-be) college graduates are embarking on a plan with a spirit of adventure, innovation, exploration, discovery and diversity, with a dedication to youth education and giving, and all on a dream, and a prayer, and with little finances. Check out their blog, even a small donation will get you a nice t-shirt.

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