Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Conditions Change Quickly

Still too busy to write up a trip report of last weekend's trip, I'm kind of hoping KiwiBird gets around to it first.

But we sure did have a variety of conditions on our paddle last weekend. The first half of the day that first morning had no wind and glass conditions.

Then 20-25 kt tail winds the next afternoon screaming down Core sound. When my GPS hit 9.1 mph surfing, sailing, and broaching down a wave, much to Kristen's disappointment, I decided it was time we put the sails away for the rest of the day.


Frank Ladd's Water Treatment Blog said...

If you don't want to write your own trip reports you should bring along Eva and Tamas. Eva writes fabulous reports:

I don't think she goes kayaking without Tamas, but he always has chocolate so he's good to have along too.

Sean Smith - Fat Paddler said...

That shot of glassy seas is incredible! It's almost surreal!! :)