Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gone Paddling: Sunday 6:30AM - 8:30AM

After paddling for two hours this morning, SB and KB completed their circumnavigation at 8:30AM. They arrived back at the Driftwood Campground/Motel/Restaurant located near the Cedar Island ferry terminal.

SB reported that there were no mosquitos about last night, but this morning there were about a thousand humming around between her tent and its rain-fly.

There are two approaches to the Driftwood site: from the SE coming up Cedar Island Bay and arriving on the Driftwood's private boat ramp, or from the north coming off Pamilco Sound onto the public boat ramp (and beach) next to the ferry docks. Consistent with the intended route of the 2009 NC Challenge, SB and KB started their paddling trip at the public boat ramp & beach (the "starting line"), but ended their paddling today at the Driftwood Campground's boat ramp (the "finish line").

SPOT tracking

The midday wind forecast suggests they had mild weather this morning.

Sailflow wind forecast

Here are some photos of the two boat ramps:

South side Driftwood ramp (finish line) onto Cedar Island Bay

North side public ramp onto Pamlico Sound

North side public ramp between beach (left) and ferry dock (right)

North side public ramp and beach
[Update: SB is home and reports that in Cedar Island Bay the last (NE-most) section on approach to the Driftwood boat ramp is lacking any channel markers and was too shallow for the sailboats at the time they kayaked through it. This suggests that the sailboats may need to finish the 2009 NC Challenge at the north-side public boat ramp / beach --except perhaps when the water level there is high. Look for SB and KB to be providing detailed trip report(s) and announcements regarding race details and specifications. ]

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