Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ready Go

Before starting the actual build, the basement needed to be converted back into a workshop. It's organized and we are now ready to start the build.

The first few pictures in the slideshow above show the hull pieces layed out and ready to scarf the lengths (plan to do tonight). Note that the hull (as in many of the B&B Yacht designs) is built using the 'butterfly technique'.

After scarfing the lengths, you have two large pieces, the side chines are stitched, then the hull is folded in half and the bow, stern, and hull bottom is stitched, then it is allowed to open up and you have a complete hull, ready for taping and epoxy.  Adding the bulkheads and the inwales allow it to keep it shape.

I'm hoping we can do this over the weekend after our Christmas holiday.

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Michael said...

I beginning to feel pangs of jealousy! What a neat process. I'll be following your progress with interest...