Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In Training

My original plan for the 2010 WaterTribe Everglades Challenge (EC) this coming March was to sail it with Paul in the ‘Dawn Patrol’.  Paul and Alan originally build our sailboat for the 2008 EC which they did together. They also did the 2009 North Carolina Challenge this past September in the class 4 sailboat class.

Photo above is Paul and Alan coming into the finish of the 2009 NCC fully reefed.

Though there is a big smile on my face at the tiller in the picture below, I’m not yet skilled as a sailor. In order to do the EC in a safe and comfortable (as much as any adventure race is, comfortable really translates to less stressful) way, I felt that we’d need to spend a lot of time sailing this past year. I needed to not only learn to sail, but to be confident in it, and have a good understanding of navigation under sail. Well unfortunately that didn’t really happen, we had some nice weekends, but it seemed that there was always other things going on throughout the year that kept us from putting the necessary time in.

I have been paddling of course. So it looks like I’ll need another year of sailing lessons before entering the Challenge in Class 4. In the meantime, I’ve started training for the EC in Class 1 kayak, and Paul is going to volunteer to work the EC this year.

Finding time for training and trying to build the new kayak to paddle in the EC is going to be its own Challenge. My basic training plan for the EC is below. I’ve previously finished 6 ECs, I have the mental stamina, but getting the physical conditioning right certainly makes for a more fun and enjoyable event.  And of course I really love the training and all the time on the water.   I’m right on track.

Basic Training Plan:
• Regular 15 mile Fri night paddles Jan and Feb
• Regular Sunday paddles building from 15-35 miles
• Back to back Sat/Sun 20-35 mile paddles twice in Feb with loaded boat
• Weight Training/Core workouts/Yoga for flexibility
• Regular Jogging, Biking, Swimming for cardio workouts
• Weight Watchers for weight control (lose same 20 lbs, again)


Silbs said...

Is that a wish bone boom on the main?

SandyBottom said...

It's a sprit boom, so only on one side. It's beena really great boat, and there is much support in building on the B&B messing about forum at http://www.messing-about.com/forums/index.php. B&B even sells a kit for it now.