Thursday, January 07, 2010

Slow Start

Happy New Year!

With the Holidays, the build had a bit of a slow start, but all is well and in progress.  We've now got the hull stitched up, bulkheads fit (I'll be adding a day hatch), hull shaped nicely, and inwales glued.  It's getting really exciting as it's now taken shape.   Promise to post progress pictures next time.

Last week we made another visit to Grahams B&B shop to pick up the deck, and what a wonderful surprise, he volunteered a beautiful piece of African Mahogany.  This boat is going to be incredible.  As will the 45 ft custom catamaran he's designed and is in the process of building, which unfortunately is going to keep him from the WaterTribe Everglades Challenge this year.  He'll sure be missed, Roo (Tribal Name) has been a regular showing us all just how fast his various (CS17, CS20, and EC22) sailboats are, and what a skilled sailor he is.

You can see the beautiful red color of the Mahogany against the more bland Okoume wood below.

And how excited was I to see this comment on my 'Christmas Came Early' posting:
"I hope you love your grand diva as much as I love mine! I have built and raced a lot of canoes/kayaks and it is my favorite all around boat. Great in the big water of New Port RI and quick down the Missouri/Mississippi River where I am now. I too changed Grahams design to a CLC style cockpit and flush hatches. The speed a which I was able to build the boat based on Grahams butterfly was amazing. I had the boat built and on the water in 10 days. I wish you the best and congratulate you on your good choice in boats!"
Not too surprised as we are definitely big fans of B&B and Graham's work, but it was great to hear anothers accolade, very affirming.  Wish we had the free time to get it done so quickly, I just can't wait. 

We are searching various ways of recessing the hatches.  I originally liked this method for it's looks and practicality, but we don't want to add all the additional weight, the hatches alone will likely add about 3 extra pounds.  We are thinking to build a similar "ring" out of fiberglass, but welcome all comments and ideas.

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Kristen said...

Will it be ready for our trip this weekend?!