Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Great Day to Englehard

Funny how on the Pamlico the wind can die at night and there are still one ft swells. We still managed a very good nights sleep and when I woke, Paul surprised me with coffee and breakfast in bed. Yesterday he'd surprised me with a Robert Parker Jesse Stone book he found at the marina, I'd been missing my fried Kindle.

Yesterday was all grumpy and tired, but today started great. We got an early start at 6:30 and motor sailing for the first hour or so with the lighter winds, then sailing 43 miles down the Pamlico, arriving at Englehard about 3:30, and averaging 4.8 mpg, with the main fully reeled and one reef in the mizzen. S winds 15 on our nose, it was a more comfortable ride with the reefs. Lots of pounding in those 2 ft swells.

Our one mistake was getting caught to close to shore inside a long shoal line at Long Shoal Pt of course on Parched Corn Bay, duh. Seeing we had no real way out, we pulled up the centerboard and rudder, let the sails swing, and gunned our motor though the best path we could pick. No problem really getting through the breakers. We did see 2 shipwrecks in the shoals. It really was one of our better days, with blue skies, steady winds, and warm temps.

We arrived at the Big Trout Marina, had a nice cold shower :) and the owner drove us to the nearest restaurant for a seafood dinner at Martelle's with beach music playing in the background. We'll stay the night and are studying the charts for tomorrow's route. We have about 70 miles to go, S winds will continue, though lighter at 5-10. No hurry we might take another 3 days. After all we are on vacation. I'm so proud of Paul, he hasn't checked his email once.

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