Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rainy day sailing

It was raining at 11:30 this morning when we sailed away from the B and B Yacht Design workshop. Boatbuilders Alan, Graham and Robert saw us off. Out of Chapel Creek onto the Bay River we sailed in our rain gear past Vandemere with a favorable SW wind. Our cruise up the ICW was powered by a tail wind. The sun emerged and the rain slowly ended somewhere along the ICW. By 4pm we were mostly all dried by the warm sun and we were entering the Pamlico River with a nice wind at our backs. We crossed the Pamlico and found our anchorage in Saterthwaite Creek by 5pm. Our average speed was 4.4 mph today, we covered 28 miles, and our max speed was 10 mph surfing across Pamlico River. With a tarp tent over the cockpit, our delicious dinner was accompanied by the pitter patter of more rain.

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Sundog said...

Safe travels. Looking forward to more of your trip report. I would like to do some more exploring in the area around Swanquarter\Judith Island. Looks interesting on the chart.