Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tacking, Tacking, Tacking

The morning started with Paul replacing the frayed lines on the centerboard and rudder. We sailed out onto the Pamlico a little past 8 with full sails. Our route today would but us on a SW heading, and of course, those were our winds, on the nose again,10-15. Tacking, tacking, tacking.

We anchored in Wysocking Bay for lunch then put a small reef in the main, as winds were feeling stronger, we were still 4-5 mph.

About 3 we were really tired of being wet, and the constant pounding. We'd sailed 25 miles, and decided to stop for the night in East Bluff Bay. its hard to get out of the wind, as all land is just salt marsh grasses, but we're out of the swell, and much of the wind. It'll calm down a bit later.

We're still having a great time, enjoying the sailing, our little boat, and each others company.

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