Monday, May 29, 2006

My New Stick, even in the Surf

Seems more and more paddlers these days are trying out and using Greenland Paddles (GP). I suspect some of this new popularity has to do with the newer presence of Greenland Instructors at most of the larger Kayaking Symposiums over the past couple years. Bill Bremmer and I, long time advocates of the GP, spent years trying to get others in our local group to give them a try. Still in the minority, but not alone anymore, many have now bought or made their own GPs. A few articles on GPs: one, two, three.

Bill is now making GPs for sale. Having paddled with a Betsy Bay Greenlander (which is laminated) for the past 8 years, I now wanted a more natural unfinished (oiled only) and shouldered GP made from one piece of wood. Bill's paddles are all completely hand made, custom crafted to fit, using Red Cedar he orders from the West Coats. I'm pleased to have been one of his first customers. If you interested in a paddle from Bill, contact me through this blog and I'll forward your email.

Bill showing off his new paddle.

Some photos of my new paddle.

This weekend, I took my new paddle to the coast, wanting to try it out in the surf. I'd planned to meet up with Bill, Dee, Scott, Thomas, Yolana, and Jason (8yrs old). We paddled from Barrier Island Kayaks in Swansboro, over to Bear Island. Check out Jason's skin-on-frame kayak and GP that his Dad (Thomas) made him. Jason was quite a paddler. His Mom and Dad started him out in their double at age 2. See more and much better photos of Jason's kayak.

While Yolana and Jason fished (and caught 3 baby sharks), we spent the day playing in in the surf. Condition were excellent, 2-3 foot "bumpy lumpy stuff" as Bill refers to this size. Perfect for all out fun.

Thomas catching a wave, with his home made GP.

Dee heading out.

Scott waiting for another ride. Scott was my WaterTribe Everglades Challenge 2005 partner, known as BilgePump.

Next weekend, more surfing for me at Barrier Island Kayaks 2006 Southern Outer Banks Sea Kayak Symposium 6/1-4, with Nigel Dennis, Russel Farrow, Tom Nichols (just to name a few). This is Lamar Hudgens 3rd annual Symposium. I've been to all three and wouldn't miss it.

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