Thursday, May 04, 2006

Newfoundland Expedition

One of my favorite kayaking trips was my expedition to Newfoundland in July 2003. Good friends and paddling partners Dan Colodney, John March, and I, spent 2 weeks paddling the remote South West Coast, from Port-Aux-Basques to Burgeo. Our original plan was to continue to Francios returning to Port-Aux-Basque by ferry. Coastal fog that summer was horrible, upon arriving in Burgeo and with no hope of a change in the weather, we quickly changed our plan, and spent our last week paddling in Notre Dam Bay on the North Coast. We've always said we would return to finish the trip, and more. The current plan is for summer 2008.

Wendy Killoran, a school teacher from London, Ontario, is just beginning her exciting circumnavigation of Newfoundland. She is beginning at Isle Aux Morts, traveling counter clockwise, 1700 miles (2700+ km). Wendy plans to complete the expedition within a 3 month period. Freya Hoffmeister from Germany will be paddling with her to St Johns.

A regularly updated journal of Wendy's adventures can be found at 'Round the Rock', published on Justine Curgenven's Cackle TV Productions Web Blog. I will be reading their website regularly, and anxiously waiting my return.

Wendy is best known for having completed a shorter solo circumnavigation of Prince Edward Island (PEI), 370 miles (600 km) in 15 days. Her article on that story is published in QAYAK, the newsletter of the Great Lakes Sea Kayaking Association.

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