Friday, May 19, 2006

New Toy on the Lake

Wednesday evenings at Jordan Lake, my local kayaking group has regular 6 mile fitness paddles. These are just starting up again now that the weather is warmer. By summer, we'll have as many as 20 paddlers coming out.

A couple weeks ago, there were only eight of us. A little rolling practice to start, than at 6:30 we left the beach. Once under the bridge, we had some great wind and the Lake was white capped and choppy, making for a good workout, and a fun time.

But we were not the only ones out there enjoying the evening. What a surprise to see a couple biking on the lake. They are putting a whole new spin on "Off Road Biking".

After our paddle, I spoke with this couple who owns Triangle Hydrobikes. They were unfazed by the chop and wind waves, and said they often go out at the beach, and have even biked up the Mississippi River.

After we ended our paddle, a few of us even tried the hydrobike out and took a short spin. Yup, it feels just like biking, on the water. The hydrobikes come as a single or double configuration. We're told they can average 4-6 miles per hour. They felt very stable.

Lots of fun, but I admit I have too many other things on my wish list right now. I'm hoping for a Balogh sail rig for my Kruger Deamcatcher, I'd also like to have a double Kruger Cruiser (I really love these Kruger Canoes). I've always wanted a Feathercraft Khatsalano, and I still need to finish my Greenland skin-on frame. Did I mention I've been talking a lot about small sailboats, something trailer-able that sleeps two :)

Back to Wednesday night. It was a beautiful evening paddling on the Lake.

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Nancy Wallace said...

Just wanted to clear up some confusion about Triangle Hydrobikes. While we would love to take credit for the ride up the Mississippi, it actually was Steve Anderson who did it back in 1994. He did a 60 day trip, traveling approx 1100 miles. The trip was cut short due to the flooding in the area and land support was not available so the Army Corps of Engineers requested that he not continue. We often are out at Jordan Lake riding the hydrobikes and invite anyone who wants to try one out to just ask. We are in the business of selling them and hoping that one of the nearby lakes will soon be offering rentals.