Monday, May 08, 2006

Spring Web Cleaning

Spring is here, I've been WEB house cleaning. Notice anything different?

This blog doesn't really have a new look, but a new title and focus. The WaterTribe Ultimate Florida Challenge is over. I'll be posting lots of stories and lessons learned, but, also trip reports and other more general paddling related stories, a new title was in order.

Choosing this new title was not that easy. I decided to stay away from only using the general term "Paddling". And, though I consider myself more a sea kayaker, I also wanted to honor Kruger Canoes. Mark Przedwojewski "ManitouCruiser" kept his word, and upon my finishing the Challenge, his old Kruger Dreamcatcher became mine to keep. I'm already planning expeditions for it, and of course there are always the future WaterTribe Challenges....

I also plan to make some changes to my website. Originally devoted to the Challenge, I'll keep an archive site available for awhile, but I am planning to create a newer version that will complement this blog. This time I'll figure out how to post photo albums. I'll let you know when the changes are all in place.

So now it's time to focus on some new challenges. One of my major goals for this coming year is to work on speed and efficiency. See my previous posting regards this. I'll also include a training log that is updated daily, much like I had when training for the Challenge. Nothing keeps you more honest than a journal for accountability.

I also had some fun family time this weekend, my daughter and I went paddling together Saturday afternoon on the lake.

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Marek said...


Your blog is getting better and better!

Please consider some virtual racing in your training program - 5 and/or 10 miles.