Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Kristen

I met Kristen last fall on the lake. We had both just finished a distance paddle, and met while camping at the wilderness campground. We had instant camaraderie. Kristen had just moved from California, and had only recently discovered kayaking. A very physical and competitive woman, some of her previous adventures had included sailboat racing (she practically grew up on a sailboat in New Zealand) and climbing and mountaineering (the big stuff). And she bikes, and runs, and swims, and .....

We quickly discovered we had a similar drive for challenge and adventure. And when I told her of the WaterTribe Challenges I'd done, and my "then planned for" Ultimate Florida Challenge, she was hooked.

Kristen is now also planning to participate in the 2007 WaterTribe Everglades Challenge. Her tribal name is "KiwiBird", and she's just gotten a brand new very fast Grahame Sisson Arctic Raider
Sea Kayak, from New Zealand of course.

You'll likely hear more about Kristen as we train and prepare for this next paddling Challenge in March.

P.S. Great birthday party, mango margaritas are my new favorite. I can't wait till you see the birthday present I ordered you :)

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