Monday, September 18, 2006

Weekend with the Kids

We drove up to Boone Friday afternoon to Appalachian State University to visit Tana on Parent's weekend. We've missed her terribly these past few weeks since she went to school. The weather was clear and the Blue Ridge Mountains were beautiful. What a great time we had visiting. We went out to dinner on Friday and went to a home football game on Saturday. Tana is in the Marching Mountaineers marching band and we enjoyed seeing her and the band play.

We are so pleased that Tana's so happy, has made some great friends, and really seems to be loving her school.

Then on Sunday, Alan called saying he'd like to paddle with us at the Lake. Still serious about doing the WaterTribe Everglades Challenge next year, he hasn't quite figured out what kind of boat to use. Alan's college roommate Matt, is brother-in-law to WaterTriber SavannahDan. Matt also plans on doing the EC, he hasn't figured out his boat either.

Alan originally thought he'd use his Hobie 18. Then he designed (on paper) a faster sailing trimaran, based loosely on some outrigger sailing canoes we saw in Hawaii, and somewhat similar to the Tridarka Raider Chief and Wizard have designed for WaterTribe. But, as a Junior at NCSU, Alan really doesn't have time to build a boat. His preference though, has been to sail the challenge.

I've been warning him that regardless, he needed to be prepared for paddling or rowing (the wind is not always blowing). So, he wanted to paddle my Kruger Dreamcatcher some. He's paddled kayaks a good bit with me and knows he doesn't really like kayaking unless he's surfing. He hasn't spent any time with a single blade, or rowing.

After a 10 miler today he surprised me when he asked if I might be able to find a Kruger with Balogh sail rig he could consider using in the EC.

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Captain "O" Dark 30 said...


I think he has found his Kruger!! Now what are you going to paddle/sail in the EC? ;-)