Friday, September 01, 2006

Process vs Product

Differences in approach, process vs product. I've always considered myself a process person. It's not the end result, but the process of doing that gives me satisfaction.

In the world of crafting, I find I start many different projects, moving from one to the other once the product is realized, even if only visually. My skin-on-frame is still not finished, but it looks like one.

In the world of sports and exercise (and expedition), as a process person, I love the planning phases. I love to research and develop exercise training plans and logs, or work on trip plans, routes, lists, etc... I often spend more time thinking about a bike ride, than actually riding the ride.

In my attempt at getting 'back to basics' (my last posting), my training log is back online. I rarely miss days of recording if I workout, I just don't always get in a workout, but I will do better at keeping this online. And yes, I'm going to keep including the scale photos until I hit the 150 lb mark (which is my ideal weight goal given my height, age, and muscle mass).

Since my last posting, I've received many emails of support and encouragement, especially towards keeping the blog. I thank you all for that. One friend (I know who you are) even said "I can't imagine you not having anything to say".

It's looking like my pelvic stress fracture is going to take a long while to heal. I've had to limit my bike distances to less than 40 miles, but happy I can at least do that. At the 40 mile mark, I start to lose good technique, and start rocking my hips. Luckily, the MS150 has added a 35 mile option for both days. I'll still be able to ride and participate. What was your excuse? A big thanks to all who have donated (it's not to late), it's an excellent cause, and I'll continue to do my best.

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