Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kayaking in Surf

It's nothing new, lots of experienced paddlers do it. But I think many people might think skin-on-frame kayaks and greenland paddles are not up for that challenge.

Check out this great article with photos.

Photo borrowed from a site, well worth visiting.

Hmmm, I'm thinking that after March, likely my last WaterTribe challenge (time to move on), I'll get my skin on frame kayak finally skinned, and focus on my surfing skills.

Lucky me, I'm off to the Lake to meet up with Turner Wilson who's in the area and putting on a Greenland rolling class. Yikes! It's 30 degrees outside.

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Michael said...

Say hi to Turner and Cheri for me. I hope they treated you well (what am I saying, they always treat folks well!).
I met Brian at Delmarva this year hobbling on his crutches while skinning a SOF . He's incredible! Fun to think he 'works' in surf like that isn't it?