Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The WaterTribe Everglades Challenge, March 3, 2007 is only 4 months away. So now is the time to get serious and start my training (a future posting). Perfect timing, I just got the WaterTribe Ultimate Challenge DVD in the mail. I absolutely love it, and what great motivation.

The DVD, is a 50 minute video that introduces the 10 original Challengers, and offers the viewer a sense of our excitement, challenge and adventure. Pelican (Nick Hall) another Challenger said it best, "Chief and Jenning did an outstanding job of capturing the highlights and spirit of not only the challenge, but also the WaterTribe. The DVD is a 'must have' for those contemplating their first challenge, as well as for those wishing to relive a WaterTribe event."

This is not a million-dollar Hollywood production. Most of the on-water shots were from film taken by the challengers themselves with their own affordable cameras. Unlike professional film-maker Justine Curgenven's "This is the Sea" and "This is the Sea 2" (which I also highly recommend), the producers of the film could not be on the water in the middle of the action, always at the right place at the right time. There are certainly gaps in the available video coverage of events. Still, having amateur video made by the challengers themselves gives the film great authenticity and momentum.

The film was the brain-child of Jenning Gee, a clinical social worker, and California paddler. Producing this DVD required hundreds (thousands?) of hours of Jennings' effort. The making of the film was actually another challenge within the Watertibe Ultimate Challenge. Jenning heard about the race, and decided it was so unusual that it would be a great film for the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, this the main reason the film is only 50 minutes long. She is not a professional film maker, had not had any real formal training and little previous film-making experience. Along with the support and help from Chief (owner and leader of the WaterTribe), she also had friends help her with some of the filming and editing.

Most importantly, and in true WaterTribe spirit, Jenning had an interest and a goal, and set out to accomplish this, her personal challenge. She submitted the video to the Festival last month.

The DVD is available for sale, online at the WaterTribe Store. In addition, the Challenge Viewer page on the WaterTribe website is still up, this contains many files of photos and videos taken during the Challenge last year.

Are you up for a Challenge?


Michael said...

Very cool, but I'm concerned about waiting until "2997" to head off on the next competition... It seems so very far away! Lot's of time for training, however and if I don't smoke and eat well and have only a glass of red wine each day and...! ;-)

Michael said...

Oh, oh... guess I'd better move up my training program now that 990 years have been lopped off the start date!
LOL Glad to see the fix, Dawn! Good luck with your training. It makes me wonder if I shouldn't try doing the Everglades section at least. Mmmm... maybe in a SOF. Wouldn't that be a challenge!

Michael said...

Dawn, I just got my copy of the video today, thanks to you posting this item. I met a few of the challengers at Sweetwater just before the start and it was fun to see how they did. You deserve a big cheer for doing so well! I'd do the Everglade section this winter except I hate rushing past things and would be 'challenged' to keep stopping for a second look. Still, it looks like a wonderful thing to have done.