Sunday, November 05, 2006

Turner Wilson at Lake Jordan

Luckily it warmed up to 50 degrees by afternoon Sunday, with lots of sunshine. Turner Wilson on his way home after spending the week at Sea Kayak Georgia's Skills Symposium, stopped at Lake Jordan near Chapel Hill North Carolina, and spent the day teaching Greenland Rolling and Strokes with some of us local stick paddlers.

Turner is so inspiring. My homework is to keep working on that front deck recovery for chest sculling, storm rolls, and low brace rolls (turns out I had taught myself some back deck rolls with a high brace rather than correct low brace technique). I'm sure hoping next Spring I'll make it back to Charleston for the annual East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival, where I'll be able to show Turner my progress.


Michael said...

My goodness! Turner posing as the caped crusader! And what else has he got on? Has he become a Chillcheater fashion model like Freya?. Sounds like you had some fun!

bonnie said...

Isn't he awesome?

I think that rolling session he & Cheri came & did for me & some friends in Sea Cliff was one of the high points of the summer.

derrick said...

those front deck recoveries are a bear! Keep at it. :)

Capt. "O" Dark 30 said...

I have my roll 50% complete. Now all I have to do is get the other 50% down... and I'm there!!

Wendy said...

Hi Dawn!
I had a chance to play with Turner some while at BCU week in GA. Learned a few new rolls and learned that I like this Greenland stuff (I am a newbie to this discipline). For the Halloween party at SKG BCU week, we had a costume contest. One of the categories was best impersonation of a coach, so I dressed as Turner!! I didn't win but it was fun! I read that you might be coming to Chas. next spring... be sure to come find me. Would love to hear about your adventures! Lots have happened since we've paddled together at Lamar's place last summer. Good luck with Watertribe!
Wendy Wicke, Charleston, SC