Sunday, November 19, 2006

One Step Forward and Two Steps Back


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Didn't get out paddling this weekend, my shoulder has been hurting a bit, and can't risk injuring it any further. The yoga I've been doing seems to have exacerbated a slight rotator cuff tendonitis I"ve had. My Doctor says I've got a calcific rotator cuff tendonitis.

calcification tendonitis refers to a build-up of calcium in the rotator cuff. When calcium builds up in the tendon, it causes a build up of pressure, as well as a chemical irritation. It's been pretty painful.

In addition to the chemical irritation and presssure, the calcium deposit reduces the space between the rotator cuff and the acromion affecting the normal function of the rotator cuff, leading to an impingement when lifting the arm.

According to the Doc, they don't know why the calcium deposits occur, but certainly the rotator cuff tendonitis is an overuse injury. According to him, it's easily healed with good Physical Therapy. So I'll start that this week.


Captain "O Dark 30 said...

what?!! no time for shinnagins!! a peddle drive for sandy bottom? say it ain't so...

take care - and cross-train!!

Marek said...

I ended up with a surgery of my right shoulder in 2002 after some therapy attempts. I didn't have problems with paddling but any operations with extended shoulder, e.g., loading a boat on car racks was a problem. I started to have similar problems with the left shoulder at the beginning of this year, but it seems that after paddling 700+ miles of the UFC and Missouri River 340 the shoulder got better.

I believe that shoulder excercises (when it's not painful) are really helpful, even in the worst scenario, i.e., surgery, the recovery is easier. I use terra bands for shoulder excercises.

I also use biofreeze for shoulder pains and carry small packets of it in my paddling pharmacy. I am not sure if it has any significant effect, maybe just psychological one.

It's just a part of the challenge!