Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Wednesday (Day5), I flew to Tampa, took a taxi to Ft. DeSoto, and then drove for six hours to Key Largo. Arrived at Key Largo at 5:30 pm. Team RAF had arrived at 7:00 am. On the bay at Key Largo is heavenly. Or as we say on postcards, "the weather is here, wish you were beautiful."

Meanwhile, no news from SandyBottom who was traveling with KneadingWater and KiwiBird along the Wilderness Waterway between CP2 and CP3.

It turns out (we learned on Thursday) that KneadingWater became separated from SandyBottom and KiwiBird on Wednesday. Seems he took a break and they went ahead with the idea being that he would catch up with them. He is a faster paddler they say. And, they were all headed to the same campsite for Wednesday night. However, he did not see them before he reached the campsite (chickee) , and at the campsite... no one was there! My guess is that they took parallel routes to the campsite and KW arrived first. KW decided to keep going and not camp (thinking that perhaps SB and KB had done that?) but he did not find them on the way to CP3 at Flamingo. Meanwhile, as I understand it, SB and KB did camp at the designated chickee. Thus, KW paddles all night and arrived at CP3 some 17 hours ahead of SB and KB.


Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Hey Paul... Thanks for sharing all the great info and managing both blogs... I also really appreciate your thoughts on the loss of "Misty"... Thank you -
The Capt'n

Kim said...

Hi Dawn, Paul and Alan!

Congrats Alan on crossing the finish line - and ahead of mom no less! Not only are you a skilled sailor, but also a skilled boatbuilder. I'm impressed. Dawn - good to hear you have a couple of kayakers to paddle with for the remainder of the race. Keep up the good work and get ready to swim/bike/run when you get back to Chapel Hill!!!