Thursday, March 08, 2007


Thursday (Day6) SandyBottom and KiwiBird arrived at CP3 in Flamingo, FL, at about 4:00 pm today. KneadingWater arrived at CP3 at about 12:30 am. KneadingWater arrived at CP3 about 15.5 hours earlier than SandyBottom and KiwiBird.

SandDollar was at CP3 to greet SB and KB and provided a cell phone that worked well in that area. Thanks SandDollar!

At 4:00 pm Thursday, KneadingWater was in Florida Bay about 9 miles from the finish line. He was taking a break from the wind, briefly, and then was planning to cover the final 9 miles today.

SandyBottom and KiwiBird may be set out to cross Florida Bay at different times. Not sure at this point. SandyBottom is planning to rest and recover this afternoon and evening. She is planning to start her crossing of Florida Bay at about 2:00 am on Friday (Day7). She will have to decide whether to paddle the 35 miles are attempt to use the sail. The sail would be helpful if the winds are from the North, but a NE wind may not be.

It is currently very windy out on Florida Bay with winds out of the NE or ENE. I know this first hand, as SOS and Kotzebue took me out for a ride on a catamaran configuration of their "Rise" and "Fall" boats this afternoon. It was quite a ride. Our max speed was a hair below 12 knots. And we managed to break the other leeboard, but then those boats handle well with little leeboard, especially when linked together as a catamaran.
Currently, weather stations in the area are reporting a NE wind at 18 knots.

SandyBottom sounded good and said they had seen many many gators and crocs.

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