Saturday, March 03, 2007

Go! The EC'07 Begins on a Beach

The beginning of the personal challenges, unpredictable dangers, and high adventure of the Everglades Challenge is announced by a sunrise on a beach Saturday, March 3, 2007.

What will the sunrise bring? Helpful north winds or horrible headwinds from the south? Sunny warmth, blinding fog, or chilling rain? Will the timing of tidal flows in inlets and channels be favorable or punishing? The surf will try to break rudders and steal supplies by flipping boats. The racoons will be waiting for dry bags to rip open. The mosquitos are hungry. The mudflats are deep. The challengers will keep going.

Coastal inlets are rough, treacherous, and full of high-speed boat traffic. EC'07 challengers will traverse them at night. While sleep deprived, alone, and exhausted. With a broken GPS. Why do they do it?

The sunrise beach is the stage for starting the EC'07. Here are a few images from the starts of previous Everglades Challenges.

Tracy Bonham

Whether it's the sunshine
whether it's the rain
Doesn't make a difference
'til you complain

Whether you fall
means nothing at all
It's whether you get up
It's whether you get up

[Reporting on behalf of SandyBottom, I'm DancesWithSandyBottom...]

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