Friday, March 23, 2007

A Meeting of the Minds

Kayak Blogger minds that is, Kristen, Dawn, and Michael.

Kayak Bloggers know Michael as the Canadian Ckayaker, one of the more prolific kayak bloggers out there, and especially known for his wonderful stories and photos of early years living and then visiting the Canadian Arctic. His stories and photos are treasures.

Currently traveling north from a kayaking vacation in Florida, Michael had contacted both Kristen (KiwiBird) and me through our blogs a month back, hoping we could meet while all in Florida. We couldn't get that to work out, so he managed an over nighter in North Carolina on his return. Last night (Thursday) we finally got to meet and have dinner, with Kristen hosting his overnight stay.

We shared lots and lots of great stories; why we blog, why we paddle, blogging and paddling, WaterTribe, expedition experiences, traveling, life experiences, trips in our future...... There was no end to the various conversations, which flowed as fast and changed as fast as we could sometimes talk. It was definitely too short a visit for like minded people.

I so wished we could have taken him on a paddling trip to our coastal jewel, Shakelford Banks out at Cape Lookout. But, that can be saved for a future gathering of the minds, here, or possibly up North, a visit to his neck of the woods.

Sounds like the rest of Michael's trip will have similar encounters, as he's managed to arrange a really fun and interesting trip back home, stopping along the way visiting other kayak bloggers. He mentioned both Susanita of the Purple Mirage Blog, and Bonnie of Frogma.

Happy trails Michael.

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Michael said...

It was great fun eating and drinking Thai food and wine as the tales of our varied adventures swirled around the already noisy restaurant! We shall meet again and this time create a shared adventure of our own! Thanks so much.