Sunday, April 22, 2007

Life can be Cruel

I sometimes find it a cruel joke that as a scientist much of my work over the years has involved health studies in the fields of obesity and physical activity. Like many of us, these are demons I fight daily. And as I age (the AARP wants to classify me as a senior), it sometimes feels and looks like a losing battle.

Paddling is so much more than physical activity to me, so I can usually make time for this (my twice weekly paddling workouts) , but general and regular physical activity for basic health and fitness is a constant struggle to prioritize and keep in my life (I'm not even going to comment on the diet struggle). I'm often just a weekend warrior, but I continue to work on it. For me, races, challenges, and events, set up as goals in my life help to provide the incentive I need. And the occasional paddling expedition the real reward.

Life constantly gets in the way. Responsibilities to family, work, and friends always seem to compete with my personal interests and desires, even my personal needs. Sometimes life just sucks. Sometimes it seems so unfair that my life is not only about me, and my passions.

But I am one of many in this world (some whom I've brought into this world), and I have no delusions as to the responsibilities and priorities one has in a life surrounded by many. I just try and work with it all, always working towards a balance. And in the end, I'm thankful to have a life. A life full of my family, work, friends, and passions.

So off I go on a 30 mile training ride for the upcoming Tour De Cure (diabetes). Hoping to do my small share for humanity while trying to stay in shape for a longer and healthier personal life. And hoping my blog offers some inspiration. Just do it!

Each mile I ride, each dollar I raise will be used in the fight to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. If you'd like to help (any amount), please submit a donation here.


Anonymous said...

your halfway there. Keep it up!!


Kristen said...

We love you, Dawn!

Michael said...

Balance, that's the keyword in life. I get the impression you have a great understanding of all that words means both day to day and down the road. You keep going, lady, you're doing just fine!