Sunday, April 01, 2007


Last night Kristen (KiwiBird) and I celebrated our WaterTribe EC finish with family and friends at a pizza and beer party complete with an ongoing slide show of the many EC photos. Alan (SOS) and Mike (Kotzebue), two other 2007 EC finishers from Team RAF, also stopped by for the celebration.

Then this morning, Alan stopped by, registered for the Missouri River 340 canoe and kayak race, and borrowed my Kruger Dreamcatcher to start his training. Alan plans to paddle the "Misery 340" as my husband calls it, in either a borrowed Kruger SeaWind or my Dreamcatcher. Alan says "I am a sailor at heart but have found that Kruger Canoes bring out the adventure paddler in me." Anyone who has ever paddled a Kruger Canoe would understand.

In addition to finishing this years EC in the team's home built Wa'apa Pacific Island Sailing Canoes, Alan is also co-skipper on a semi-pro sailing team Velocity Sailing, and, Alan is my son.

There are a number of WaterTribe alumni and Kruger paddlers registered for the MR340, including Mark Przedwojewski (ManitouCruiser, owner of Kruger Canoes) who is teaming up with Brian Weber (daBiscuit), Merek Uliasz (Wayfarer), and Stan Hanson (Etchemin) whom I have teamed up with. Another registered Kruger paddler is John Letecki Jr, known for his 1800 mile Ohio and Mississippi River trip for Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Let the training begin.


Marek "Wayfarer" said...

Missouri seems to be so close to Colorado at least in comparison to driving to Florida that I am going also for Kansas River 50 race.

See you at the Kaw Point!


Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Reunion Time-- Maybe we will even get some paddling in!! :-)

Michael said...

Sounds like more party's in the planning stages! Good for you, Dawn!