Monday, April 23, 2007

New Toy

I love new toys, I'm a definite gear head. Yesterday afternoon I finally found time to go to REI and buy that GPS and heart rate monitor I've had my eyes on, the Garmin Forerunner. I had originally thought I'd spring for the 205 model, but I had a pretty nice REI member's check, and then a real nice surprise when a check from Sea Kayaker Magazine arrived on Saturday. So I sprung for the 305.

Like my Garmin GPSmap 76CSx, the Forerunner 305 has more features than I'll ever use, or even want to learn how to use, but it's going to be so much fun to play with.

This morning I strapped it all on and went out for a 4 mile trail run, then downloaded the data before I even ate breakfast. The statistician in me just loved the tables and graphs of my data (picture at right is just an example). I can't wait to check it out after my bike ride tomorrow morning, then after my fitness paddle Wednesday evening.

Will this keep me on track with my workout routine? I don't think so, only self discipline will do that, but it will let me keep track of them, and maybe even make it all more fun. That works for me.

Why did Sea Kayaker Magazine send me a check you ask? Well, I'm not exactly sure. I signed a release they sent me a couple weeks ago, something related to Warren Richey's (Sharkchow) article on last years WaterTribe Ultimate Florida Challenge (UFC), that is scheduled for publication in thier June issue. Warren warned us during the Everglades Challenge in March that the article was about his race, so not to expect much about any of us other challengers. Though he did say the last proofs he'd seen still had our names in it. That would be exciting.


Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

So you're going pro? Challenge checks, the press, in print. Way to go SB!!

Susanita said...

You were very smart to go to the 305. I found this review on

It appears the problems I was having with the 301 have been resolved with the 305. The 301 had known problems with the USB port. I might need to get the 305 now ... too many toys.