Thursday, April 05, 2007


Lumpy Paddle owners showing off thier sticks made by Bill Bremer.

There was a pretty good group who showed up last night for the season start of the weekly Wednesday night paddles on the lake. This is a 6 mile paddle that paddlers from my local Yahoo Groups paddling club get together for. It's a varied group of boats, paddles, skills, speeds, all are welcome, something for everyone. We had about 10 paddlers including Alan in my Kruger Dreamcatcher and Paul with the PAS sail. Weather was predicting 10-15 mph winds with gusts 30 mph. It was definitely windy and choppy, but lots of good fun.

This paddle will start my next round of training (I should say begin some training), now that I'm well rested from this years EC Challenge. I had trained so diligently for the 2006 WaterTribe UFC, that this past year no matter how many times I tried to start training , or be creative about it, I just couldn't get a regular program going.

I knew I had the mental stamina, and I had managed to maintain a level of fitness that would just barely allow me to "cruise" the race. I never did lose that extra 20 lbs I'd put on over the year, and I really was "just barely" fit. Luckily this years EC weather was in my favor for Class3, and in the end it wasn't as painful as I had feared and expected.

Now, my head is in a different place. I'd really like to work on getting as fit as I can, and even work for some speed (I say this every year :). The down side for me is that this probably means less paddling. Sit time in the boat has never been a problem, I love to paddle, single or double blade, it's the shorter interval work, gym work and other aerobic cross training that will be important for me and always the real challenge.

I'll never be a "real" racer, I expect I'll always just race for the challenge. But, I would like to get a bit faster. Stan and I, paddling under the moniker "Kruger Cruisers", will, as the name implies cruise the MR340 in his double Kruger Cruiser Canoe. No sense trying to kill ourselves against that fast tandem huki surfski, our current competition in the race. But, I wouldn't mind a good showing. Even though I'm a cruiser, I am incredibly competitive.

So it's back to the gym. For the aerobic part, I've registered for the Tour de Cure 150 mile bike ride for Diabetes in June , and I annually ride in the MS150 in September. If you interested in donating or sponsoring my diabetes ride, no amount is too small, $5, $10, $25 ..., online sponsor here.

So my basic training plan right now will include working up to 3 bike rides per week (including a spin class and longer weekend ride), 3 paddles per week (2 shorter paddles with intervals, and my regular 15-20 miler on the weekends), then weight training and yoga/stretching 3 times a week. Some of this will be mixed up with swimming, mountain biking, and hiking and walking as suits me.

I love to plan and keep a log, so in my attempt stay on track I'll start back maintaining my daily exercise journal, should have it up by the weekend. Hoping this will keep me motivated, and maybe I can motivate you too.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't count out the Kruger Cruiser in the MR340. You won't ever have to get out of the water with that thing. One can catch an hours sleep while the other keeps things moving. Can't do that in an OC-2.

It's always fun to root for the underdog anyway.

Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

Sounds like a solid plan SB... Keeper mov'n!