Monday, October 08, 2007


Photo: A Challenge Completed. Alan and Matt racing in 2007 WaterTribe Everglades Challenge in one of the 2 Wa'apa Sailing Canoes the 4 NCSU students build as Team Raf.

Aside from setting myself up for my own challenges, there is nothing I love more than encouraging and supporting other's in theirs. 12 miles or 1200 miles, the distance is not important, it's about having a dream Then the process and the personal accomplishment is unbelievable pay back, regardless of the final result. Or your age.

Some really good reasons for taking up a challenge

  1. Daring to chase your dreams
  2. To find out what you are capable of physically and mentally
  3. To learn the power of commitment and determination
  4. Doing something for your personal satisfaction
  5. Becoming a role model for your Family and/or Friends
  6. Learning about the process of reaching difficult long term goals
  7. Striving to achieve something personally difficult & challenging
Naturally making it something that really turns you on makes it all the more doable and rewarding. I'm a real believer in the Nike slogan 'Just Do It'. My other personal slogan is 'Do It Now'.

If you follow the WaterTribe, there have been some interesting conversations going on between NCSU (Alan) and our home. Here are some snippets:
  • Dad, lets team up and build a boat for EC 2008.
  • Not enough time, it's less than 5 months away.
  • No problem, I have a great idea.
  • Your supposed to be a full-time student.
  • Hmm, we'd have to build it in the basement, the garage isn't big enough or warm enough over the winter.
  • We'll have to clean the basement :(
  • Is it really 500-600 pound?
  • Hmm, we'd have to remove the sliding doors and door frame to get it out.


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