Thursday, October 18, 2007


I've not been much of a regular this year at the Mudflat Ranger's weekly Wednesday night paddles on Jordan Lake. But I did manage to get out there last night. With the summer season over, the group is dwindling. It turned out to be a LUMPY-fest, only 7 paddlers and all paddling with beautiful Lumpy Paddles.

During our paddle, in the dark, and with our lake at drought levels creating lots of new beaches and islands, I found myself often disoriented to my location. This in a lake I have paddled weekly for over 12 years. In fact, people have often asked me if I get tired of the same Lake. I'm just so thankful to live near a body of water that I can get out on all the time. And I've found seasonal changes, weather differences, even the different times of the day, make the lake different every time. And none more so than now with the low water.

After we'd finished, and helped put boats on cars, we started planning future paddles. Most of this group are year-round paddlers, and many have kept me company on my distance training paddles over the past few years. I was so pleased to hear there is interest again in keeping me company on my Friday night 15's (miles) starting up in a few weeks, as my WaterTribe training begins. The company more than makes up for the dark and cold of winter nights on the Lake.

This weekend and next is starting to look pretty interesting too. Paul and Alan are off to the Coast on a big shopping expedition for their 'big build'. I expect Alan will post something soon about their plans, pretty exciting. I'll be back on the lake. Then next Friday is the Halloween paddle, followed by a weekend kayak camping trip at the beach with my friend Dee.

It doesn't get much better.


Michael said...

I agree with you. Paddling the same lake often is still a good outing as it's never the same. I've done roughly 50 trips to my local lake in the last 50 days and enjoyed every one. I look forward to being there tomorrow!

Nice paddles...

Marek said...

Paddling in northern Colorado is limited to reservoirs and some rivers if they have water.
Most of my paddling happens on a rather small pond 10 minutes of driving from my house. 1 lap = 1 mile. It's never boring, but I rarely paddle more than 5 miles there.

My GPS track from a typical workout looks rather crazy ...