Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lots of Motivation Out There

It started with Canadian Ckayaker's recent posts about his modifying and re-skinning one of his skin-on-frame kayaks. Then his and other's postings, stories, and pictures of the recent action at the Delmarva Greenland Paddling Retreat a couple weeks ago has really got me motivated.

Yes, I'm as tired as you are hearing about how I"m finally going to finish my SOF. But I've really gotten the bug now, and, with WaterTribe training coming up, and then Ironman training, it's now or much later, as I'm going to start getting very busy.

I built this SOF kayak years ago (see pics), and failed miserably at my attempts to skin it with a heavy polyester. It just sits naked in the basement. So I've decided to follow Michael's lead, and cover it in canvas. Easy to replace (if and when needed), and I think a great compromise for me on this my first SOF. I find I'm also excited about possibly doing something a bit creative when painting it.

I've ordered the canvas (cotton duck #10). The basement is clean (thanks Alan for coming home Sunday and helping us). I've lost some weight so this skinny kayak should fit. And I'm freeing up some weekend time to finish it.

Of course first I need to finish the Halloween costume I'm making my Kruger Dreamcatcher for the Halloween Full Moon Paddie at Jordan Lake on the 26th.

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Capt'n "O" Dark 30 said...

I expect to see your creation on the beach in March!!

Plastic wrap? No life jacket? Say it ain't so!! :-)