Friday, January 11, 2008

Loving my Yoga Class

My Yoga teachers Sommer and Paul Sobin

Often a limiting factor towards the real enjoyment and comfort of paddling is a lack of flexibility. It is flexibility that helps with good rotation during the paddling stroke and many of the skills used for maneuvering and rolling. It is flexibility that even helps your hamstrings allow you to sit in the kayak for long lengths of time. It's not until you get that nice arch in your back that finally allows a good low scull and balanced brace, not to mention what it does for your roll. And so much more.

It will be flexibility gained through proper stretching that will also help me to stay relaxed and injury free during my triathlon training. Like most, I'm not very good about having a formal stretching routine, and often don't even have the time or interest after a good run or ride. But I've finally found a Yoga style that is a perfect fit for me, and I'm loving it.

Anusara Yoga, a new system of Hatha yoga, is taught with a major emphasis on the "Universal Principals of Alignment", thus instructors take the time to instruct proper alignment and positioning. It is the first Yoga I've taken where I have not created or acerbated wrist or shoulder problems with improper form. I took a 14 week series last fall, and started a new series last night. I'm really starting to understand what is meant by "it's restorative".

It's a good thing, for paddling, for triathlon, for life.

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Silbs said...

What a wonderful post. When I "remember" to do my Yoga routine I feel better and have a much better range of motion. I notice it especially when rolling my SOG by hand or doing forward finishing rolls. Trouble is, the Yoga doesn't help me remember to do my Yoga.