Sunday, January 13, 2008

Running, Paddling, and a Bonus

Unlike KiwiBird who paddled on Saturday, my training paddle this weekend was on the colder and windier weekend day. Saturday was my ChiRunning Clinic. I paddled on Sunday and got a great surprise bonus, but I'll get to that.

The running clinic was excellent. Kari Wilkinson is both a talented and fun instructor. Being a high school chemistry teacher during the day gives her a huge edge regards public speaking, demonstrating, and teaching. That along with her personal experience as a longtime runner and triathlete, and her skills as a triathlete coach, bicycling coach, and personal trainer gave us so much more in the clinic. And keeping the clinic small, with only 5 students, we all got lots of excellent individual attention with Kari's great eye.

When Kari introduced herself and told us how she came into ChiRunning, I though she was quoting my injury history, as we've had very similar problems. I really hope and think that I might be on to something with this technique. Now of course comes the work. I completely understood the lessons, both the why and the how. And I even had some short glimpses into how it can and should feel. But, I've got some work cut out for me, primarily in learning to relax my ankles. I'm convinced the work will be worth it, and am looking forward to it, and to the follow-up clinic in about 6 weeks.

Sunday was about paddling. I'd planned another 20 miler, and got a pretty early start. It was cold, cloudy, grey and dreary on the lake. It was also quite windy and forcasted for showers throughout the day. I decided to set up the bimini as an umbrella (the drysuit would not keep me warm if it was raining). I started at Vista Point and paddled towards Farrington Point into headwinds about 8mph, brrrr cold. On the return, I popped the Pacific Action Sail (PAS) and with the bimini enjoyed a 4 mph ride without even paddling.

I bailed at 15 miles, I was cold, and thought I might finish off with a swim later this afternoon. As I was leaving the park, I saw Ken Potts and his Core Sound 17. This is the little sister of the Core Sound 2o that Alan and Paul are building for the EC. I'd not met Ken before, but he's followed the WaterTribe for a couple of years, even plans on racing in 2009. He asked if I wanted to go for a sail.

Wow, what fun. It was great to get a good feel for how our sailboat was going to sail. Alan keeps referring to it as a fast sailboat. That's all good, but I was just happy to discover that it will be a great cruising and camping boat for Paul and I as well. I even took control of the tiller for awhile. And I didn't feel the least bit guilty to be enjoying some runs on the lake while the guys were working hard at getting ours finished :)

Now I'm dreaming about retirement and lazy days spent sailing and camping on the coast. Always a paddler first, I've also been thinking I might need a small folding kayak for this sailboat.

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Kristen said...

Even with the dark sunnies, Dawn, I can see that hint of retirement twinkling in your eyes!

All day Sunday I was ever so grateful that I'd got out Saturday instead.