Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

I'm the old dog, and the new trick will be learning to run effortlessly, and hopefully injury-free. I'm trying to approach running technique the same way I have approached learning paddling skills and technique over the years; with an open mind, patience, determination, learning from the experts, and with drills and practice.

I've spent years and years battling running injuries, so much that I had given it up. I'm hoping the injuries were the result of poor running technique. Now, determined to work towards a life time goal of competing in an Ironman triathlon this year, I'm going to have to learn some new tricks and work on my running and distance walking technique. I've registered for a Chi Running clinic this Saturday, and am hoping for the best.

Not to worry, I'll be out on the water paddling on Sunday. Practice makes perfect.

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Silbs said...

As former marathon runner, I can tell you that the vast majority of leg injuries come from over use and over pronation. A visit to the podiatrist and the insertion of a well made foot support can change all that. Interestingly, I find that most "quality" running shoes make pronation worse. Good luck, you have a sensible plan