Friday, January 18, 2008

Scheduling Training

Earlier this week, Canadian Ckayker had a post "Live to Paddle or Paddle to Live?". His post spoke specifically to paddling, but it addresses a more general and interesting question, given that life today seems to be about the "me generation" and "excess", and 'living for the moment".

My decision to do an Ironman triathlon later this year, and also do my annual WaterTribe Everglades Challenge race, was definitely a selfish one, and will require a self-centered approach to be successful. My family and friends will be forced to make sacrifices, and I'll need to stay conscious of that. To make this all work will require flexibility (the world and I won't end if I miss a workout here and there), reminders of what is really important in life, and reminders to be thankful of the blessings I already have.

That leads me to my training schedule. Laura, my coach put together a maintenance training plan. That's the plan I'm on before I actually begin the official Ironman training, and allows some paddling training for WaterTribe. I've been challenged trying to make it all fit into my life, without giving up too much of my life. Most workouts are very early morning and during lunch, leaving me free most evenings and nights, and weekend afternoons and nights. Of course being free, and being awake are sometimes two different things :)

When it all falls apart, I just call it a recovery week. I'm having one of those right now, no long bike ride today. While Alan is off in Florida for the holiday weekend at a sailing regatta with Team Velocity, I've been helping Paul with sanding and painting, and painting, and painting. We've just finished the 5th coat on the hull, we'll sand and polish when it all cures. Only 5 weekends left, it's gonna come right down to the wire, they've still gotta build the cabin and deck, then more sanding and painting, and painting, and painting.

It's a cold and wet day today, 2-4 inches of snow predicted later this afternoon (I'll believe it when I see it). I'm supposed to paddle long tomorrow, it'll be cold, but at least it'll be pretty.

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Michael said...

Something tells me Dawn, that you know when to paddle and when to live and when to do both at the same time! Best of luck with your training!