Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back in the Race

I think I'm back in the race!

The ortho visit diagnosed my knee problem as Baker's Cysts, an accumulation of excess knee joint fluid behind my knees. They prescribed mega-doses of ibuprofen, said my 2 week rest was a good thing, and told me to go ahead and give it a try.

The bad news is that the development of Baker's Cysts is secondary to a definite knee problem, though we don't know what that is. Probably just my life catching up with me.

The opinion was as long as I don't have painful popping and crackling, and no knee swelling, I'm okay to get back to training, thought the cysts might still get bigger and be uncomfortable until they either disappear or start draining inside the leg.

I have to admit the news came with mixed emotions. I'd almost wrapped my head around this Ironman not happening, and had even started making some weekend paddling plans over the next couple months. But I'd told myself it was this year or never, so I have to give it my best shot.

They gave me no promises, and I'm not sure they were very optimistic I'd make it through the training. But, we'll see. Went out and did a great 25 mile bike ride late this afternoon.

I'm feeling very behind schedule now having missed the last 2 weeks, but then again, so have Alan and his roommate Adam, also planning to do this Louisville Ironman. Both have been busy this past week sailing.

Alan is finishing the Tybee 500, which has been so exciting to follow every day at the Tybee500 website and the Catsailor website and forum. Really rough surf landings, launches, broken boat parts, and even falling off boats.

Meanwhile, Adam is sailing the new Eye of the World sailboat from FL to VA, that the boys are planning their world sail in next year. Mike has been keeping up with this adventure on the Team Norsa Blog.

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Ginger Travis said...

Dawn, I think your knees are sending you a message: race in boats!