Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not Meant To Be

Looking through a newspaper the other day, I happened on this, a very fortuitous and telling horoscope.

"In his folksong "Farewell to the Gold," Nic Jones tells the story of a failed gold prospector. After two years of finding no more than a few flecks of the precious metal, the unlucky man is giving up his search.
Farewell to the gold
that never I found.
Goodbye to the nuggets
that somewhere abound.
For it's only when dreaming
that I see them gleaming,
down in the dark deep underground.
If I'm reading the omens correctly, Sagittarius, it's time for you, too, to say goodbye to a quest that hasn't panned out. Yes, it'll be sad. But here's the happy ending. Within a month of the time you surrender, you'll be led to a better quest with more chance of success."

So... I appreciate the patience and support you've given me as I followed another dream and attempted to pursue a different challenge and interest (Ironman). But I've come to realize it's not to be, this was really part of my past and is not my future.

To give this up now not only gets me back on the water where I belong (my real passion), it will also allow me to continue to enjoy the fun and fitness benefits of swimming, biking, and running that I love and enjoy, at a level that fits more beautifully in my life now.

Today is Wednesday, and I'm really looking forward to the weekly Wednesday night fitness paddle tonight at Jordan Lake.


Michael said...

Such grace under pressure, Dawn! Wonderful! Now you've taken one step back, I'm looking eagerly to reading about the next steps forward!


Kristen said...

Well done, Dawn.

Capt'n "O" Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

Hang tough!! Capt'n